Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Lender Serving Austin, TX

Based in Houston, Texas, our hard money lenders specialize in raw land loans. These encompass farms and ranches in several states. We also provide large land loans to clients across Colorado, and Texas.


Second Homes

Our team offers specialty lending on various properties in Colorado and Texas up to several million dollars.

Development Properties

In Texas, we also lend on real estate located in major metropolitan markets. These are properties used for strawberry farms, multi-family locations, subdivision developments, and commercial tracts.

What Sets Us Apart

By collaborating with hard money lenders, we’re able to provide alternative lending for a wide range of borrowers. Choose from our hard money loans, bridge loans, raw land loans, and interest-only loans. This range of lending services allows our clients to have more freedom with their assets.

Our professional staff does due diligence with all hard money brokers and borrowers to deliver exceptional service. Let us perform all servicing duties related to funding your loan, including the closing.

A Wide Client Reach

In addition to delivering alternative lending in Houston, Texas and other areas in the state, we also work with individuals and businesses in Colorado.

Trusted by Many

We’re proud to offer hard money loans to several kinds of borrowers, such as:

Raw Land Borrowers

Commercial borrowers

Farm Borrowers

Second Home Borrowers

What Are Hard Money Loans?

These are short-term loans based on property assets. Private investors will provide the borrowers with funding secured by real property. Additionally, a hard money loan has different requirements compared to a traditional bank loan. The former is not regulated by the same federal laws. These differences allow hard money loans to close quickly, typically only days after you complete the title work.

The contrast between the two funding options allows more borrowers to qualify for hard money loans. If one cannot meet the requirements for a traditional loan, that person may still have equity in the property that qualifies for a hard money loan. This option is also ideal for people with poor credit or bankruptcy history. Often, hard money lenders will work with these individuals when other banks will not.

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