Fast Closing Lending in Austin, TX

A loan can be a valuable tool when you have an unexpected emergency, necessary project, or anticipated purchase. However, with traditional loans, you might have to wait for weeks before approval or face rejection over and over again. At Raw Land Lenders, we’re different. We focus on fast closing loans so that you can use a loan without worry. We are happy to serve the Austin, TX, area.

How We Work

When you need a loan, we work quickly to secure it for you. First, you can easily reach out to us by phone or email. We’ll go over your loan needs, discuss the lending policies we follow, and arrange a visit to your property, as this is often the asset that we are able to secure the loan with. After these steps, we are often able to get you the loan you need within two days.

We understand that not everyone has quality credit or the time to wait on a bank’s decision. That’s why we work fast to equip you with the loan you need. We offer hard money, bridge, and raw land loans. Many are our loans are short-term loans for up to two years.

What We Work With

Many of our customers may not have perfect credit, have recently faced bankruptcy, or simply can’t get approval from the bank. With these limitations in mind, we are able to provide loans mainly through assets, such as raw, unused land. You can easily tap into the acquired equity your land has so you can access the funds you need now.

How You Can Get a Loan

Have you faced loan rejection many times over? Do you have an upcoming project that you need funds for? If so, then don’t wait. Call us at (855) 348-5522 to discuss your loan prospects with us today. If you need fast closing lending, Raw Land Lenders has your back.